Aona ReDose is a new concept to the cleaning market, and yes … it does work!


Introducing SAVINGS and significantly REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF CHEMICAL used every day, week, month and year;
switching to Aona ReDose is a very realistic proposal for organisations that clean.

You may want to spend a few moments to hear the following stories…:


O&G Environmental Services

An Independent Cleaning and Support Company


The Leys School

Reducing Chemical Usage at an Independent School


  • “I’m quite shocked that we have only used half the amount compared to other houses…”

    — KG, Domestic Services Manger —
  • “We love the fresh watermelon fragrance…”

    — FG, Facilities Manager —
  • “This is the only floor cleaner that is effective and leaves the floor looking and smelling great…”

    — KD, Facilities Manager —
  • “The reason I chose Aona ReDose was because I wanted a product that the cleaners could not overdose and it ticked the environmental box…”

    — FV, Projects Manager —
  • “Even without the green benefits, this product makes sense because of the cost savings it achieves…”

    — JS, Managing Director —
  • “To be honest, its probably the best I’ve seen on the market for actually controlling dosage…”

    — JN, Operations Manager —
  • “Our whole company had a problem with overdosing, but this has solved it…”

    — JW, Project Manager —
  • “We have a very good green footprint here so anything like Aona ReDose that can improve our green credentials is always very interesting to us…”

    — CJ, Assistant Facilities Director —
  • “We chose Aona ReDose because we were looking for an environmentally friendly product that was tamper proof and could not be overdosed by the cleaning operatives”

    — FV, Compliance Manager —


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What is Aona ReDose?


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There are five Key Reasons why you should consider Aona ReDose


Aona ReDose is a concentrate chemical system that cannot be overdosed or abused by cleaning operatives. This means that your cleaning team always uses exactly the right amount of chemical, not too much and not too little, every time. In turn, this guarantees excellent cleaning performance, totally accurate supplies budgets and complete cost control over your cleaning activities.


You will achieve cost and waste savings because of the Aona ReDose unique bottle and dosage design – less waste, less cost.


Your clients will be impressed with your minimal impact to the environment – Happier clients because your cleaning is more effective.


It’s easier for you with less COSHH needed and less training required. Free-up your valuable storage space because less chemical is required on site.


Cleaners don’t muddle chemicals because they are all clearly colour coded. There is minimal language barriers because the big numbers are clear for all to see.

The Aona ReDose Way




Site Set-Up

Aona ReDose is delivered to your chosen locations and the necessary amount of trigger spray bottles are supplied.

Use Products

With just 1 x 10ml Dose – product is accurately dosed into trigger bottles for use on site.

Did you know you can make 100 trigger spray bottles from just 1 x ReDose Bottle!


On-Site Training

We will arrange with you for your on-site COSHH training programme for all of your cleaning operatives.

The Aona Philosophy

We want to replace harmful with nice, manufactured ingredients with natural alternatives and use simple ingredients that perform well.

There are a number of ingredients in traditional chemical cleaners which are potentially harmful to human health and to the environment.

The Aona ReDose ethos is to use simple ingredients that perform well.


Who is Aona ReDose?

Summit Hygiene have successfully supplied cleaning and janitorial products since 1977 and we have grown our business through trusted relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.

In 2012, we set ourselves a goal to challenge traditional approaches to cleaning.

We spoke to cleaning teams across the UK to find out exactly what issues they encountered with cleaning products in their day to day activities and found that the top 6 gripes were:

Over-dosing, Not user-friendly, Using too much storage space, ECO labelled – but product not effective, Too much COSHH and Over-priced.

We concluded that we would need to produce a product that:

Had a unique designed dosing chamber, Had clear and concise instructions in use, Is convenient in size, Has an ECO Label Accreditation and effective, Cut down in COSHH and training and Saves money and waste.

After over two and half years of extensive research, which included chemist innovation, design and trials at The University of London,  Aona ReDose was born and launched to market in 2015.

Aona ReDose – A Summit Hygiene Brand

Our story is one of helping customers challenge traditional ways of thinking, increase bottom line return, reduce cost and maximise cleaning effectiveness. We are proud of what we are helping others achieve, and believe that we have the solutions to increase our customers’ profits on all of their contracts into the foreseeable future.


Corporate Strategy

Like our products, our Corporate Strategy is clear and simple:

• To provide truly green products that are cost effective and reduce waste
• To make an impact and preserve our environment together with our customers.

We will partner with environmentally conscious organisations and commercial cleaning companies throughout the UK to:

1. Reduce total chemical and washroom consumable consumption and costs.

2. Replace harmful/hazardous chemicals with totally natural Aona ReDose solutions.

3. Provide On-Site Training for all cleaning staff.


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